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KFH Offers Advanced Services to Enhance Employees Transformation to Digitalization

Considering its continuous endeavor to enhance digitalization environment and fulfill the needs of its employees, KFH has provided two self-service devices to provide HR services to employees. The...

A collection of services and tools meet your requirements

Live international exchange rates service

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My Saving Plan

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Digital Wallets

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Instant Transfer to Kuwait Turk

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KFH | "Oasis Club" Cards

Explore new world of uniqueness

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"Al Nuwair" Investment Deposit

Open Al-Nuwair deposit account in US Dollar at our branches

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Become KFH customer

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Your banking services at the comfort of your home

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Open a banking account in Turkey

With Kuveyt Turk Account Application Service, you will be able to...

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"Gold" Account

For the purpose of saving and investing, KFH presents the “Gold”...

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