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Long Term Investment Plans

KFH's continuous effort to cater for your banking needs and your future aspirations , now offers you a variety of investment solutions with the opportunity to invest in long term plans designed especially for you, to achieve your future plans being your own personal project, retirement, planning for your kids marriage or their education.

“Jameati” Investment Plan

To help you giving your child the best educational opportunities, KFH presents “Jameati” investment plan. Every month, a specific amount of money from your account will be saved and invested to accumulate profits. Once your child is ready to go to university, the saved money and accumulated returns will cover the tuition fees and any other expenses they may need.

“Injaz” Investment Plan

Designed particularly for clients who desire to realize their visions and launch their private projects. “Injaz” is an investment flexible plan extends for period of two to fifteen years to accumulate returns of investment and treasuring it to be at clients' fingertips once they desire.

“Rafaa” Investment Plan

When your son/ daughter is preparing for the most special moment in their life, you want to be sure that you did all what it takes to achieve their wishes. KFH helps you to cover all marriage expenses by offering “Rafaa” investment plan. The monthly saving and high return of investment will help you to present all what it needs for perfect marriage.

“Thimar” Investment Plan

After long career full of achievements, you deserve to reward yourself by a good investment with high returns for perfect retirement. “Thimar” investment plan from KFH presents to you the opportunity to save and invest on monthly basis to get high returns during a period from 5 to 39 years.

“Shifaa” Investment Plan

There is nothing more worthy than your health. When the best health care is required, be sure that we at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) will be by your side.


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