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KFH Wallet

Turn your smart phone into a smart wallet


Time to control your personal expenses

"Hesabi" Program for Youth "Al Rubban" Program for Men

"Al-Kheir" Prepaid Card

This is an Islamic product, which helps you to control your personal expenses, and help the poor to go to Hajj & Umra. Every spend using this card is helping a noble cause. This is a zero limit card, just load the card and gain good deed.

"Al Rubban" Program for Men "Al Sundus" Program for Women

"Al-Osra" Prepaid Card

It is an prepaid card to control your family expenses. This is a zero limit card, once you have spent the amount you have loaded, you can easily reload the card with more money right away. It is more beneficial than a normal Debit Card.

"Hesabi" Program for Youth "Al Rubban" Program for Men

"KFH Oasis Club" Prepaid Card

KFH Oasis Club Card is a prepaid card presented in cooperation between KFH and Oasis club in Kuwait Airways. It offers, in addition to the privileges and discounts, chances to gain extra miles from Oasis Club with every transaction. Accumulated miles can be later on exchanged to special promotions and privileges from Kuwait Airways

"Hesabi" Program for Youth "Al Rubban" Program for Men

"KFH Nojoom" Prepaid Card

KFH-Nojoom Card is a product of collaboration between KFH and Ooredoo Telecommunications, offering all the features you seek in a prepaid card, in addition to special promotions from Ooredoo Telecommunications. With every purchase transaction, you will receive free calling minutes and discounts from many stores in reward for the points you collect


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