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Corporate Banking

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"Murabaha" Contracts

For purchasing goods and machinery from local or international producers/exporters to be repaid through installments agreement between the client and KFH.

"Ijarah" Contracts

Characterized for lightening the operational costs paid by the owners to purchase needed equipment and heavy machinery for the large projects that represents a great burdening on the current capital.

"Istisna'a" Contracts

This product serves and suits large-scale industrial and real estate constructional projects amongst others.

"Tawarruq" Contracts

This solution aims to providing the client with the needful liquidity

"Factoring" Contracts

This product was developed particularly to financing the local trade and to support national products. Kuwait Finance House buys highly demanded goods from their original source (factory - supplier) and sells it to the co-operatives, supermarkets or Ministry of Health.

"Foreign Currency" Exchange

Foreign exchange service allows your company to exchange Kuwaiti Dinars to other currencies

Letter of "Guarantee"

Whether an importer or exporter, our correspondent network with foreign banks will ensure that we meet all your international requirements.

"Wakala" Investment Deposits

With a Wakala Investment Deposit, a Master Wakala Agreement is signed between the Muwakil (Investor) and the Wakil (the Bank).

Toward a NEW Banking HORIZON ..

Toward a NEW Banking HORIZON ..

First Islamic bank established in 1977 in the State of Kuwait and today it’s one of the foremost Islamic financial institutions

MasterCard Company Expenses

To cover all expenses of your company, particularly business trips,...

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Online Banking

This service provide you with a variety of tools to manage your...

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"Wakalah" Call Account

Corporate call account is available only for companies and legal...

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