FX Sale and Purchase

• KFH provides FX sale and purchase facilities from/to customers as per their demands and needs. KFH trades in 26 currencies which cover most of the main currencies worldwide. KFH provides competitive prices based on customer’s rating or the sale or purchase amount.


• Direct Purchase and Sale:
The customer may open a trust account with KFH Capital to be able to conduct through KFH approved Sukuk sale and purchase transactions.

Investment Wakala Deposits

• KFH has the Investment Wakala Product where the bank receives customers deposits in KWD, USD, GBP, and GCC Currencies.
• Minimum limit for opening a deposit with Treasury Department is (KWD 5 Million and USD 5 Million).

Profit Rate Swap

• The bank conducts hedging operations against profit rates by exchanging variable cost with fixed cost or vice versa as per the banks or its client’s needs.

KFH Global Platform

• KFH provides certain customers (global companies and government corporates) with currency platforms where the customer will be able to sell and purchase FX online from the global market with highly competitive prices.

FX Waad Forward

• The bank conducts forward FX purchase and sale transactions from/to customers through FX Waad Forward transactions to achieve hedging for the customer.
• Customer must be granted a certain credit limit to deal in this product.

Gold Account

• KFH conducts sale and purchase operations of KFH approved gold bars to/from customers and provides special prices for 2 kilos or more of gold.


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