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Our Most Popular Banking & Financing Products

"Alrabeh" Account

As soon as you transfer your salary to “AlRabeh” Account, you will...

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“Saving” Account

Allows you to manage and invest your savings according to...

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"Al-Kheir" Prepaid Card

This is an Islamic product, which helps you to control your...

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Current Account

Kuwait Finance House offers variety of benefits for current accounts

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Savings account

Savings account description and details can be found here. Click on...

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"Al Dima" Investment Deposit

Al Dimah deposit provides you with fruitful investment returns...

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"Al Khomasiyah" Investment Deposit

Five years investment in Kuwaiti Dinars, with high profit rates to...

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Al Kheir Charity Card

Know more about the details and benefits of Al Kheir Charity cards

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Al Tayseer Gold package

Al Tayseer Gold package includes all the benefits that you need for...

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Finance New Cars

When our client wishes to buy a new car they will find all options...

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"Construction Works and Materials" Financing

If you intend to buy constructional materials or sign a...

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Financing "Furniture & House Appliances"

Furniture and house appliances are among the most demanded goods...

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"Medical Care" Financing

This service covers expenses of all medical care, medical services...

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“Thimar” Investment Plan

After long career full of achievements, you deserve to reward...

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“Rafaa” Investment Plan

When your son/ daughter is preparing for the most special moment in...

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News Archive

"بيتك": خدمة العملاء إلكترونياً في العطلة

يواصل بيت التمويل الكويتي "بيتك" خدمة عملائه الكترونيا خلال العطلة عبر موقعه الالكتروني kfh.comالذي يقدم أكثر من 150 خدمة مجانية بمستوى عال من السرعة والمرونة والأمان ،وعبر العديد من قنوات الخدمة...