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"Al Ruwad" Program "Al Tamayoz" Program

"Al-Tayseer" Classic Package

Al-Tayseer Classic package is combined of two separate Visa and MasterCard cards. The package provides you with credit service characterized by flexible terms to cover all KFH client's needs and requirements

"Al Ruwad" Program "Al Tamayoz" Program

"Al-Tayseer" Gold Package

Al-Tayseer Gold is a package of two cards Visa and MasterCard designed especially to meet all your credit needs and allow you to pay for your purchases. KFH clients can obtain this package in easy terms and conditions


Time to control your personal expenses

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"Al Ruwad" Program "Al Tamayoz" Program

"Al-Kheir" Prepaid Card

This is an Islamic product, which helps you to control your personal expenses, and help the poor to go to Hajj & Umra. Every spend using this card is helping a noble cause. This is a zero limit card, just load the card and gain good deed.

"Al Ruwad" Program "Al Tamayoz" Program

"Al-Osra" Prepaid Card

It is an prepaid card to control your family expenses. This is a zero limit card, once you have spent the amount you have loaded, you can easily reload the card with more money right away. It is more beneficial than a normal Debit Card.


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"Al Ruwad" Program "Al Tamayoz" Program

"VISA/Master" Gold Card

Visa / Master Gold Card is designed to meet the requirements of our customers who are always on the move. The card enables you to shop, to buy your tickets, to pay your utility bills and many more. The card is value packed with many outstanding offers from to time.



"Al Ruwad" Program
"Al Tamayoz" Program
"Hesabi" Program for Youth
"Hesabi" Program for Youth
"Baiti" Program for Kids
"Al Rubban" Program for Men
"Al Sundus" Program for Women


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"Current" Account

This account provides most of bank services for individuals,...

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