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"Al Tamayoz" Program "Al Ruwad" Program

"Current" Account

This account provides most of bank services for individuals, corporations and organizations.

"Al Tamayoz" Program

"Alrabeh" Account

As soon as you transfer your salary to “AlRabeh” Account, you will have a great chance to win remarkable prizes from KFH

"Al Ruwad" Program "Al Sundus" Banking Program

“Saving” Account

Allows you to manage and invest your savings according to "Mudharaba" principle

"Al Ruwad" Program "Al Sundus" Banking Program

"Electron" Account

An account that meets all your basic banking needs with minimum terms and conditions

"Al Ruwad" Program "Al Sundus" Banking Program

"Gold" Account

For the purpose of saving and investing, KFH presents the “Gold” Account to guarantee the most secure and easiest mean for selling and buying Gold bars

"Baiti" Account

It’s a saving account with many privileges to strengthen the conduct of saving and for better future of our children

Accounts Profits

Follow our banking accounts profits



"Al Ruwad" Program
"Baiti" Account & Program
"Al Sundus" Banking Program
"Al Rubban" Program For Men
Hesabi Program
"Al Tamayoz" Program

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