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Investment Deposits

KFH offers a comprehensive suite of investment deposits

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"Al Nuwair" Investment Deposit

One of the main features of "Al Nuwair" is the high rate pre-promised profits resulting from "Wakala" Islamic financing principle upon which this deposit is based.

"Al Sidra" Investment Deposit

With its easy terms and low opening limit, every client can open "Al Sidra" investment deposit in Kuwaiti Dinars and enjoy its high rate profits that are distributed annually.

Long Term Investment Plans

provide you with all the benefits you need by saving

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“Jameati” Investment Plan

To help you giving your child the best educational opportunities, KFH presents “Jameati” investment plan. Every month, a specific amount of money from your account will be saved and invested to accumulate profits. Once your child is ready to go to university, the saved money and accumulated returns will cover the tuition fees and any other expenses they may need.

“Rafaa” Investment Plan

When your son/ daughter is preparing for the most special moment in their life, you want to be sure that you did all what it takes to achieve their wishes. KFH helps you to cover all marriage expenses by offering “Rafaa” investment plan. The monthly saving and high return of investment will help you to present all what it needs for perfect marriage.


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