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Gold Purity


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Ministry of Commerce


Custody for Gold

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"KFH Online"

Account services


This service allows customers to create a link to be sent/shared with the customer receiving (beneficiary) who will be using the link to receive the gold biscuits in the gold account or transferring the gold amount to the account. This service is available through KFH online mobile application (iPhone, android, Huawei) free of charge only for KFH customers.

Gold delivery service

Gold delivery service for KFH customers through a specialized company is a service which will transport the gold from one place to another to a designated area based on the customers approval. Customer can use this service through KFH online (full brows – online application). The Gold will be delivered within 2 working days the delivery charge is 5kd for all areas in Kuwait. The Gold should be received by the account owner who has made the purchase with his original civil id.

Gold purchase service via Knet

Enabling KFH customers to buy gold from KFHOnline through local banks accounts using K.NET payment gateway Where the amount is transferred from local banks to the customer’s account in the Kuwait Finance House, then the gold purchase process takes place

Live Rate

Lives prices update Automatically which are in line with international market prices.

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