Merchant Services

1. POS Service Via "K-Net" Banking Network.

2. Integrated Retails Payment Solution.

3. KFH provides "Point of Sale" service POS, for acceptance of K-Net, credit cards. Meanwhile, this service provides a highly secure payment gateway for e-commerce websites.

4. KFH offers a variety of POS terminals like GPRS, Desktop and IP, depending on the requirements of the merchant.

5. Terminals are connected to "Report Master" reporting system which performs automated reconciliation card payments made through KFH POS terminals.

6. Online payment gateway is secured by 3-D security system which is the most advanced system in this regard. The gateway is also equipped with "FraudGaurd" system to eliminate any chance of fraudulent usage of credit cards.

7. You can acquire this service through your Relationship Manager, Branches or "Allo Baitak" service.

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