Dual Access

Service will be provided to multiple users with different access levels Ensuring processing requests by a minimum of 2 users.

- Corporate Service Admin (CSA):
Main user of the service who will manage all users details and access level, in addition to having the privileges on approving submitted requests.

- Initiator:
User who initiate all Financial and Non-Financial requests.

- Reviewer (Optional):
User who review any request submitted by Initiator user and forward it to the higher user level.

- Approver (Optional):
User who act on submitted request based on given privileges
Available services:

- User Management.

- Accounts Summary.

- Advanced/Details Account Statement.

- Salary Upload.

- Merchant Reports.

- Transfers (own accounts, internal transfer, other bank transfer).

- Cheque Book Request.

- Standing Order Management .

- Monthly Account Statement Subscription.

In Addition to more available services.


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