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"Investment" Deposits

KFH offers a suite of diversified investment deposits

"Al Nuwwair" Investment Deposit

One of the main features of "Al Nuwwair" is the high rate pre-promised profits resulting from "Wakala" Islamic financing principle upon which this deposit is based.

"Al Sidra" Investment Deposit

With its easy terms and low opening limit, every client can open "Al Sidra" investment deposit in Kuwaiti Dinars and enjoy its high rate profits that are distributed annually.

"Al Dima" Investment Deposit

Al Dimah deposit provides you with fruitful investment returns quickly and throughout the year, starting from one up to 12 months, therefore enabling you to earn monthly or quarterly returns without having to wait until the maturity date.

"Continuous" Investment Deposit

Distinguished by its high returns and high investment percentage available in Kuwaiti Dinars, Continuous Deposit is considered among the best choices for investment.

"Al Khomasiyah" Investment Deposit

Five years investment in Kuwaiti Dinars, with high profit rates to be deposited in the client's bank account on yearly basis.

"Al Kawther" Investment Deposit

"Al Kawther" Deposit is an annual investment deposit in Kuwaiti Dinars, yet returns are monthly distributed without the need to wait end of year. This deposit makes high profit and offers variety privileges for KFH clients.

"Foreign Currencies" Investment Deposit

This investment deposit is available in US dollars, Pounds Sterling and Euro, to generate high profit and distribute it quarterly without the need to wait due date.




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